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Credit of massacre of Sikhs in their genocide goes to AMITABH BACCHAN who provoked first of all on India's national TV Door Darshan and spread violence all over India in 1984. He was the first to give such hatred call before any other organizer of pogrom of 1984.
Amitabh was invited by MP Keith Vaz on his 25th year celebration as a MP of British house of Commons. By his invitation posters we came to know about visit of Amitabh in Leicester UK on 16th of June’12. We organized a large protest on his visit but he didn’t visit as he is coward and have no guts to face the truth in public. The pamphlets were then distributed to British people there and his wife Jaya Bacchan to read them.
Well, what Amitabh did—-he used his influence on to remove my famous blog I was helpless couldn’t do anything but I had a copy of blog as I was aware of blogger who remove any blog without notice. I pasted the contents once again on net.
On 26th july Amitabh was invited in London to bear the Olympic torch and run. His visit was hide from media. We came to know only on late previous night but a call was given to Sikhs in Uk on a short notice. Only a handful Sikh youths (Singh and Kaurs) were present there to protest. They marked their protest and called Amitabh as MURDERER on his face when he was running. The message was thus delivered to him and world that how much we hate Amitabh for his incitation to Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs.

Today there were handful Sikhs but in future I am sure it will be large gathering or a TV interview in any LIVE AND TALK SHOW where he will be compelled to reveal truth. That day is not far when he shall have to confess his sins before camera. He shall not die peacefully because the cries of orphans and mourn of widows shall never allow him to die easily and peacefully. He will beg for death but he shall count his remaining days on bed suffering from all kind of deceases. This is a curse of those innocents butchered by his hatred call.

Before this Amitabh was supposed to visit Toronto, Canada as chairman of IIFA last year but i came to know about six months earlier. So a large sacle protest was organized on his visit. I appealed to Sikhs in Canada to distriburte pumphlets, handbills, request the journlists to ask questions on his involvement in 1984 Sikh genocide. Media was contacted. But Amitabh came to know and being coward in nature he resigned from the Chairmanship/Presidentship of IIFA and cancelled his visit to Canada.

The facebook and are either paid by this mass murderer or theu are under some kind of pressure. The reason, blogger removed my famous blog and facebook has issued a second warning to block my account if i continue defaming/exposing the mass murderer. Both are keen to keep my mouth shut but this impossible as there will be hundreds of pstings shall be made from all part of world under different names but same posts exposing this sinner/ mass murderer Amitabh. And why should we not highlight his provocation to holocaust of Sikhs?
Ajmal Kasab is responsible for attacking Mumbai and killing many innocent people in Hotel Taj and adjoining area. He is a Pakistani national and arrested on the spot as he got wounded but Amitabh walked on footsteps of Adolf hitler and contributed in mass killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984 pogrom. Please rad full report of his involvement below and in my other blogs specially 
So Amitabh is much much ahead then Kasab who killed handful innocent Indians but Amitabh was one among the chief organizers of Sikh genocide of 1984. Kasab is imprisoned but Amitabh moves scot-free. he is protected by govt. of India itself which was fully responsible in organizing these killings on their own nationals of India. What a shame?


Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds. Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice, while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists, and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free."

Arundhati Roy.

Amitabh must be charged in these sections of IPC.


By anchoring Crorepati-4 series, Amitabh shall again distribute money on every correct answer up to Rs. One Crore to the participants. I offer him any amount of money he demands, to answer my one question in full public view in presence of Media.

Do you accept the challenge Mr. Amitabh ?

Screen shot copy of my comment pasted on blog (Page no - 862) of Amitabh bacchan on 30-08-10, in response to his disclosure in media that someone harasses him at his blog. He is a lier. There can not be any one because the personal phone number of him could not be leaked to a stranger. On his blog I show him the mirror in which he could see the darkest chapter of his life/of his misdeeds. I need not to threat a coward who back-stabbed Sikhs in 1984.

Unfortunately by the influence and approach with high ups in Delhi and govt of India, my blog has been removed by blogger as they might have pressurized by them but the same content is available on net at many social sites.

I have also told by many Sikhs that when he landed at Delhi Airport after Indira was shot, he slapped a Sikh security personal and said that you Sikhs have killed our mother.

Alas if someone send me the truth of it and may be that security personal be alive today.
If anyone knows, please write to me.

Bertrand Russel (Nobel Prize in Literature, 1950)
He said "If some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war of atomic and hydrogen bombs, the SIKH religion will be the ONLY means of guiding them.

अमिताभ का अग्निपथ........
सिखों के घरों पर पड़े यह खून के छींटे किस के......हैं ?
ये जहरीले सांप कौन .......हैं?
यह अमिताभ है !
यह अमिताभ बच्चन है !
अमिताभ बच्चन को पहचानिए......?

I am a Sikh, its my crime.....

"I am a SIKH" kill me and call it.... "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" imprison me and call it...."SECURITY MEASURES" exile my people and masses and call it.... "NEW MIDDLE EAST" Rob my resources, Invade my land, Alter my leadership and call it.... "DEMOCRACY" DESTROY MY SANCTUM SANTORIUM call it... DESH KI AKHANDTA''

I deserve to be humilated. I deserve to be harrsed. I deserve to be mauled. I deserve to be killed. 
Just because.... " I AM A SIKH"

I demand my rights, it is my crime. I demand my dignity, it is my crime. I demand life, it is my crime. I am a SIKH, it is my crime. but i feel proud to commit this crime.

I want to live, but a living life. Not a dead man's life. 
I can die struggling for freedom rather than giving it up and living.

कुछ बात है कि हस्ती मिटती नहीं हमारी
सदियों रहा है दुश्मन दौरे ज़माँ हमारा !!
(सिखों की वीरता पर)...सर इकबाल

"Kuch baat hai ki hasti mit ti nahin hamaari
Sadiyon raha hai dushman daure zaman hamara"

There is something that stops our personality wiping out for centuries the regime of times have been our enemies.
.....Sir Iqbal on Sikh valor.


To-day on 14th December 2009, S. Tarlochan Singh, MP raised his voice alleging Rajiv Gandhi and actor Amitabh Bacchan and revealed their involvement in Sikh genocide of 1984 in Parliament of India.
To-day on 5th July 2010, The Congress Chief Minister of Kerala V S Achuthanandan has alleged that former PM Rajiv Gandhi led the massacre of Sikhs in Delhi in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination.

The truth is revealed after 26 years by none other then the Congress leader and a Chief Minister himself which approves our revelation. Now only delay is the acceptance and apology of Indian govt. What a shame, the Prime Minister of the nation himself was involved to kill its citizens with the help of its paramilitary forces and Police personals.

[In the course of the last two and a half decades, its become evident to anyone objectively studying the Nov 1984 massacres that Rajiv Gandhi and his kitchen cabinet, along with other high level politicians, played a key role in organizing the mobs that were given lists of Sikh homes and businesses to attack and loot.]

November 1984 Accountability Petition Demands;
§                     An independent international inquiry into Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress party’s role in planning, organizing and executing the November 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms in New Delhi, India and

§                     The immediate removal of the name of former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, from all public monuments, airports, roads, stadia, parks, sports awards, and professorships.

What’s most shocking is that powers that be within the Indian State and Punjab Government felt it appropriate to name Hospitals, Colleges, and Technology Parks in honor of Rajiv Gandhi – the central mastermind of the 1984 carnage. Rajiv, in front of National media, said “When a tree falls, the earth shakes.”As the leader of the world’s largest democracy, Rajiv felt there wasn’t an issue with ordering systematic massacres of Sikhs under the guise of spontaneous ‘riots’, in response to the assasination of his mother by her Sikh bodyguards in return for her ordering the attack on the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) Complex earlier that year, where thousands of innocent Sikh pigrims were killed.

Would the United States ever erect Technology Parks in the name of King George III or Israel inaugurate Hospitals in honor of Adolf Hitler? How can Sikhs and the government of Punjab allow anyone to give such reverence to Rajiv Gandhi?]........

It is alleged that Rajiv Gandhi paid mobs to attack and kill Sikhs in Delhi following the death of his mother Indra Gandhi, by her Sikh body guards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh.Beant Singh was killed and Satwant Singh was hanged along with Kehar Singh in 1989 following a Supreme Court Judgment. Over 5,000 Sikhs were killed by the mobs in listed by Rajiv Gandhi in November 1984, many other Congress Party senior members who assisted and supported this mobbing included H K L Bhagat, Sajan Kumar,Shashtri, Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath, Police Commissioner of Delhi, Governor of Delhi.

Many were influenced by the media appearance on television in India, by Rajiv Gandhi and the actor Amitabh Bachan.

Veteran journalist Tavleen Singh said recently that if Rajiv Gandhi had been interrogated in 1984 about what happened to the Sikhs, Gujarat would not have happened. She is right. Had the courts and the entire edifice of the Indian state not failed the victims of 1984, many, many politicians, police officers and officials would have gone behind bars. Had that happened then, every leader would have been forced to think a hundred times about the legal consequences of instigating mass violence or allowing mobs to go on the rampage.

Mr. P V Narsimharao was the Home Minister who didn't allow the army to take action and save the precious lives. When he came to know the units of army which were called from Meerut were Sikhs, he stopped them outside Delhi and allowed the massacre be carried on.

As Sikhs feel they have not received any justice after many investigations and commissions failing to give the Sikhs justice twenty- five years after the mobbing that claimed the lives of 20,000 Sikh (BBC report)the intervention by Tarlochan Singh MP has been welcomed.

Tarlochan Singh has said "If these concerns are not raised andaddressed the feeling amongst Sikhs will grow and result in Sikhs becoming more and more alienated from India."These sentiments were supported by other politicians including S.S Ahluwalia BJP, he said "The concerns have gone beyond simplecompensation, we are seeking justice"

Varinder Singh Bajwa said "1984 happened twenty five years ago, if you want to pacify Sikh, the guilty must be bought to face justice"

The Rajya Sabha members are all supporting this motion listed by Tarlochan Singh MP the government to bring the culprits to justice.

Sikhs are also demanding the Holy artifacts that were taken during the storming of Harmandar Sahib in 1984 to be retuned to the Sikhs.

Amitabh Bacchan was just a medium and his celebrity got en cashed, he was used by Rajiv Gandhi.

Whether the blood of any person could be called 'dirty, 'If yes then certainly the blood of Amitabh Bacchan is dirty from her maternal side and he belongs to the family of a traitor maternal father.

You can judge it yourself by reading the maternal family history of Amitabh Bacchan. He too betrayed with Sikhs. The roots of the family always counts and called-SANSKAARS.

These sanskaars were fed in him by birth. Please see the history;

It has been nearly 40 years to you in Indian cinema, you have played different type of roles in Films but if God permits and if i am given an opportunity , i must teach you the real acting in Court. Because there will no script writer, no director. The real drama will be played there and there i challenge you to face me?

The family background of Amitabh Bacchan's mother :-- The traitors of Sikhs.
****shame on him for such words.
The Indian Bollywood heart throb show his true colors, his Sikh fans should be aware of his alleged involvement during the anti-Sikh riots (Sikh genocide) in November 1984, when 20,000 (according to the BBC) were murdered.

Charges against Amitabh Bachchan – Bollywood Star are :

• During “84' Sikh Genocide”, Amitabh Bacchchan was shown on television inciting people to kill Sikhs after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

 He said, “Sikhs had not only assassinated Indira Gandhi, they had killed the mother of the nation.”

• He gave the message ‘Khoon ke chheente Indira ko marne walon ke gharon tak pahunchne chahiye (The bloodstains must reach the houses of those who killed Indira)’ and incited Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs by appearing Live on Door Darshan by giving a call of blood of Sikhs as," KHOON KA BADLA KHOON, means BLOOD FOR BLOOD or BLOOD WASHES BLOOD on behest of his friend then Prime Minister of India-RAJIV GANDHI.

The known family lineage (maternal)of the infamous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bacchan is as below:

Sir Khem Singh Bedi (1832-1904), had 2 sons Kartar Singh Bedi and Gurbaksh Singh Bedi.
Gurbaksh Singh `s grandaughter was Teji Bedi and her son is Amitabh Bacchan. Before all the Sikhs get too excited, there is a very dark side to this family.

Sir Khem Singh Bedi claimed to a descendant of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and thus to be the 15th Sikh Guru. He was a tout of the British and had been bribed by them to undermine the Gurdwara Sudhar Lehar and Singh Sabha Movement.

The Arya Samaj also used him to strengthen the Bipran Ki Reet in the Gurdwaras and thus to Hindunise Sikhi. He used to openly preach that Sikhs were Hindus.He claimed that the Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the fifth veda of the Hindus which provides the essence of Purans and Upanishads.In fact the RSS and Sanaatani influences in the various Deras owe their origins to KHEMU RAM as Sikhs used to call him with distance.

He was immensely disliked by the Khalsa Panth, but on the back of the finances from the Arya Samaj, he set up a Sodhak Committee in 1897 of his hand picked people ,to consolidate 32 wildly different versions of the Bachitar Natak which had been introduced into Punjab from Bengal via the Nirmalas between 1875 and 1900. he was largely unsuccessful in this En devour but was successful in introducing very many Hindu texts and traditions into various Deras. He died a very distraught man from painful illness.His palace built from ill gotten gains now lies in ruins near Rawalpindi in Pakistan.A fitting legacy to the evil that he represented.

His son Kartar Singh Bedi was a staunch supporter of the Mahant Narian Das who murdered 130 Sikhs at Nankana Sahib in 1921. His other son Gurbaksh Singh Bedi was notoriously anti Panthic-Maryada and used to go on Hindu stages to declare that Sikhs are Hindus. His wish came true when his grand-daughter married a Hindu Bhaiya from UP and converted to Hinduism.She brought up her son Amitabh Bachan to be a Sikh hating Hindu fanatic.She herself died from a long painful illness at the age of 93 yrs.

Sir Khem Singh Bedi`s great grandson Amitabh Bachan stood alongside Rajiv Gandhi in June 1984 to applaud the destruction of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib to flush out `terrorists` ,and later in Oct 1984 to `teach the bastards a lesson`.To date he has never condemned the genocide of the Sikhs on the streets of Delhi and other Indian towns.We shouldn`t really be surprised though should we- he is simply carrying on with his forefathers tradition of trying to destroy the distinctively sovereign Khalsa who is pure-ie free from Bipran Ki Reet.

Amitabh Bachan is getting old (68 in Oct 2009) and the best thing he can now do is to go to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and apologize for the role he has played in the 6th Holocaust of the Sikhs and build a memorial to the victims of this holocaust 1984-1995 in Delhi.

Whilst he is at it he may as well do a Akhand Pat to seek forgiveness for the role his forefathers played in anti Panthic activites. However if chooses not to do this then his children Shweta and Abishe K, grandchildren and future generations will always remember him and his forefathers as being amongst the most destructive men in Sikh History.

To know more reports on Amitabh's involvement in pogrom of 1984, please visit;

The characterless family:-
I wonder that is there any person in Indian sub-continent, may be a Muslim, Hindu or Sikh who would like to marry a girl who had been famous in the town/province/nation for her affairs with many persons? I have seen many cases of pride killing/honor killings for the honor of family but such disgraceful act could be done by Amitabh Bacchan only, by giving permission to his son Abhishek to get marry with Aishwarya who had the affairs with Salman khan ( A Muslim) and Vivek Oberoi.

What a shame and an example of their character, their lost moral.

Amitabh Bachaan, the famous film actor or say actor of millennium, played a major role in killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984. He raised slogans, KHOON KA BADLA KHOON (Blood for blood)As he spread violence through his hatred speech in 1984, LIVE on DOOR-DARSHAN and provoked the Hindu miscreants to kill innocent Sikhs through out India. He is proved more offensive then Sajjan, Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath, H K L Bhagat or other masterminds of pogrom because they were responsible to provoke or lead in Delhi only but being a famous cine star of thr era and a famous celebraty he raised slogans,”Khoon ka badla Khoon” (BLOOD FOR BLOOD) repeatedly and provoked the Hindu miscreants throughout India.

                  Dead body of a Sikh youth burnt alive in 1984, being eaten by a stray dog.

                                       Scattered bodies of Sikhs in streets of Delhi in 1984.
(These pictures of my brothers, sisters and children need to avenge if no justice is delivered).

Credit of massacre of Sikhs in their genocide goes to Amitabh Bacchan, who provoked first of all on national TV and spread violence all over India in 1984.

Due to his provocative appeal on LIVE TV, the violence against Sikhs erupted almost in every part of India, The property of Sikhs was looted, their homes and business establishments were set on fire, their females molested and at some places raped too, their mobile assets like cars, trucks, buses etc, were damaged or set on fire. Many innocent Sikhs (About 4000) unofficially reports 20.000, throughout India were killed due to his provocation. He is never booked on any charges neither of spreading hate, conspiracy, provocation and massacre of innocent citizens due to provocation.Thus he was able to achieve his goal successfully by his desired ill-will.

This is also questioned by the Retd. justice S. R S Narula of Punjab and Haryana High Court and a former judge of Supreme Court of India, before he passed away, at his website and has invited all future commissions to probe to some questions about Indian govt. conduct in 1984.

3. Who was the clearly visible and identifiable man who continued to be shown on the Doordarshan television throughout the first part of October 31-Nov. 1 night (standing at the threshold of the room where lay the dead body of Indira Gandhi for public view) shouting: “Sardar Qaum ke ghaddar” and “Khoon ka Badla Khoon” – openly inciting spilling of Sikh blood.

4. Why no action has been taken against that man, till date, for openly spreading disaffection between communities and provoking bloodshed of identifiable persons ?

Is there any doubt left that this person is known as Amitabh Bacchan?

Instead of punishment, he is provided the security cover of NSG commandos and he moves scot-free and enjoys the life.

Since than he has tried his best to clean his image in Sikh community by playing the characters of Sikhs in various roles but he has never apologized deliberately or unfortunately. 

We consider him the MOST DISGUSTING PERSONALITY OF THE MILLENNIUM due to his double role in real life. 

This is also approved by the witness, Jasbir Singh in Jagdish Tytler case).

At least Sikhs should spit on his face whenever and wherever they get a chance, These disgusting fellows should know how much we hate them.

Please see the name of Amitabh Bacchan is in the list of perpetrators of Sikh genocide of 1984, to which action is sought and Sikhs for justice USA have brought it in notice of President Barak Obama on 23rd Nov.2009. In this the President is requested to pursue Govt. of India to action against the culprits, as it claims a democratic country but acts like the oppressed one.

                                   Truck-load of bodies of innocent Sikhs, massacred in Delhi 84.

If there were the perpetrators to please the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and played a key role in massacre of innocent Sikhs, on the other hand there were many Hindus too, who risked their lives and saved Sikhs like Shri Bajrang Singh who belonged to a well to do family. he was the owner of 19 buses in 1984. He provided food and shelter and protection to Sikhs. The indian govt took avenge from him. Now his family is hand to mouth and have no source of earning but they do not regret. I bow my head in in due regard to Shri Bajrang singh and his family. he shall always be remembered by us.

The similar role was played by Sh. Ved Prakash Jaiswal of Shahdra, (Delhi).

                                                           Sh. Ved Prakash Jaiswal.
His son Rajiv Jaiswal, writes to me as;




Yes Mr. Rajiv, we are greatful to your father and all other such persons who stood guard at that time to save precious and innocent lives. I, on behalf of Sikh community salute to your father and all such persons. My regards to them.

The copy of the mail sent to Madame Tussauads again on 23rd May 09, after she displayed the wax statue of this bastard in New York on 22-05-09.

I am shocked to know that you have again displayed a wax statue of Amitabh Bacchan in New York on 22nd May 09, I and my Sikh community is hurt on felicitating this man of double standard in real life. He played a key role in massacre of about 4000 innocent Sikhs in India in 1984 after Indira Gandhi was shot dead.

I earlier sent mails to your London office. Either you haven't received or not delivered to you. I have commented on his blog also.

Amitabh Bachaan the famous film actor or say actor of millennium, played a major role in killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984. He too raised slogans and provoked Hindu miscreants, KHOON KA BADLA KHOON, (BLOOD AGAINST BLOOD).

Due to his provocative call, not only in Delhi but throughout India, as he appeared live on TV ‘Door-Darshan,’ many innocent Sikhs were killed due to his provocative call. He is never booked and no charges of provoking the Hindu mobs to kill Sikhs and of conspiracy of his involvement like Sajjan kumar, H.K.L. Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler are ever framed. He is enjoying life under cover of N S G Commandos and moves scot-free. Since then he has tried his best to clean his image in Sikh community by playing the characters of Sikhs in various roles but he has never apologized deliberately or unfortunately. 

We consider him the MOST DISGUSTING PERSONALITY OF THE MILLENNIUM due to his double role in real life. This is also approved by the witness, Jasbir Singh in Jagdish Tytler case. At least Sikhs should spit on his face whenever and wherever they get a chance, these disgusting fellows should know how much we hate them.

To aware the the Sikh youths born after 1984, I have opened a blog / (Removed by blogger now on 28-06-2012) You can read full story on that blog. My telephone no. is ************** I can send you my address if required without fearing of him though he is very rich and influential in India.

You are kindly requested to not to create wax statues of such masterminds who are responsible for massacres, If you are paid for your services would you give the same honor to Hitler and Saddam Hussain of IRAQ?

I am ready to appear in any court anywhere if he sues me of defamation. If he has guts he may sue than he will have to answer the real questions in court, not me.

A S Randhawa.


Many people asks me why no legal action is taken against the perpetrators of Sikh genocide? It is not strange that these organizers lead the mobs, provoked them to kill innocent Sikhs on behest of Rajiv Gandhi whose mother was killed. Amitabh Bacchan was a very close friend of him. The Italian slogan LU SANGU LAVA LU SANGU means BLOOD WASHES BLOOD or BLOOD FOR BLOOD was given to Amitabh Bacchan because he was a celebrity and a mega star in Indian cinema.

I Ajmer Sigh Randhawa, asseverately state that the platform to give this hatred call was provided by our govt. at Teen Murti house, New Delhi where the dead body of Indira Gandhi was kept for the visitors to pay her last tribute. There a camera team of Door Darshan was present. In the corridor of Teen Murti house, Amitabh was shown raising the slogans and walking 10-15 steps. He was famous with his angry mood. Here too he was shown in fit of anger to provoke Hindu miscreants to incite blood of Sikhs and the hatred call of this slogan was repeated from 1st Nov. to 3rdNov. intermittently.

Now if any of the organizer is punished or faces any difficulty during his prosecution, he can reveal the secrets of the involvement of Gandhi family or the direct involvement/orders of the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Thus it’s better in their interest to keep it covered/ not to open the Pandora, so what if a few hundred crores of tax-payers money is distributed after a couple of years as compensation to affected families.

The whole world is astonished to see that an atrocious person is being posed as a saint by corrupt Indian media and our govt. He is so impudent and audacious that he even never apologized which attaint his image.

By giving a call to boycott, certainly the Sikhs will be able to invite the intention of world media to their holy cause-a birth right to justice.

I don't have any more word to say now. To reveal the truth is like to sign my death warrant myself. It's signed as i have tied the bell.

Now you may assume yourself if he is guilty or not?

Thanks for your visit.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.